Monday, September 29, 2014

Ace of Spades guitar solo w/tabs

I wanted to start doing some more simple solos so as to include as many playing levels as I can here with this blog. So this solo is really directed at the beginning/intermediate player. This solo is attainable yet cool - a rare combination. Plus it will teach you a thing or two about following the harmony and how attitude can sometimes sell even the simplest of lines.

Motorhead is one of the great punk/thrash/rock/metal bands of all time. They represent strength, freedom, youth, all those good things as seen through the eyes of a group of 20 year old hell raisers on speed. The music was brash, bold, simple yet powerful. All of this is present in this song and guitar solo. 

This solo is a pretty all around 'in' thing. The chords go Amin > Bmin > back to Amin, ending on Emin. So the first parts are Amin pentatonic. Then Bmin pentatonic. Then Amin pentatonic. The only interesting note in it is the B natural at the end learning back to the Emin. But it's not really that interesting as it is part of the Emin pentatonic. So this sucker just follows convention for the most part.

Getting the sound
Preferably a Les Paul or a double coil guitar. Played through a Marshall heavily overdriven. Roll off lots of low end. Add some flanger to finish it off. Play aggressively - the moreso the better. This isn't a precision solo, it's an attitude solo.

The files
Here is the TAB sheet for your downloading pleasure.

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